24 x 7 Customer Support

Customer support is given to assist the customers for making proper use of a product or a service. A customer may face various problems or confusions in the course of planning, installation, maintenance or upgrading of a product or service. Customer support has proved one of the major ways of attaining customer satisfaction and retention. Customer service is rendered mainly before making a sale and after making a sale. A good customer support service plays a very important part in maintaining a company’s goodwill. It is the main key to retain a warm relation with the customers as well as for the continuous generation of revenues. It depends a lot on the behaviour of customer support executive whether the customer will be lost or retained. At Jaantje Projects Pvt Ltd, we give customer support a great importance so that none of our valuable customers has to face any type of trouble shooting post our service. At Jaantje Projects Pvt.Ltd we treat customers with the highest importance.

We always monitor to confirm that our customers are receiving prompt attention and support whenever they are facing any type of problem. We give our best to maintain the most cordial relation with our customers. Our customer service executives are very much knowledgeable, attentive, gracious, and well-versed to render any type of problem solving assistance to our customers. They have good listening skills and enthusiasm to help you out from any type of trouble shooting. They may fix appointments with technical departments if required to solve a problem from the root. We provide customer support assistance for all 365 days and for 24 hours. Till date, we have solved all our customer’s quarries and issues with great success. For rendering a better service and for further improving ourselves we carry out the assessment of quality of our customer support service from time to time. Some of our main features are as follows :-

  • We have a dedicated team of knowledgeable professionals who render customer support service.
  • Our customer support team is available round the clock for 24 hours throughout the year to assist our customers.
  • Our Customer support team is competent about our services and can readily solve any type of trouble shoot.
  • Our Customer support service can be accessed from any geographical location for 24/7.
  • Our Customer support team is extremely prompt and is capable of solving problems very quickly.