Enterprise Resource Planning

Thinking about effortless coordination and smooth operation of all your business processes, then Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the solution for you. An Enterprise resource planning is basically software which takes care of all types of business processes by establishing the foolproof automated coordination between all the departments of a company like Finance, Human Resource, Ware house, Purchase, Sales, Marketing and others. An ERP enforced company is highly efficient than a non ERP company in many ways. IT expenditure gets lowered, the overall planning and reporting get improved, co-ordination and work movement between all the departments get speed up and becomes error-free. At Jaantje Projects Pvt Ltd we provide the best Enterprise resource planning solution. We develop customized ERP packages according to our customer’s requirement. Our ERP packages are simple yet latest and very easy to use. Organize your company in a smart, intelligent and error-free way with our ERP solution.


Responsive Design

We take a Responsive web design approach for web designing projects. Responsive web design is the most essential practice now a day which ensures the performance of a web page is of same quality in all types of devices and screen sizes.

Modern Design Layout

We have a modern and trendy collection of exclusive design layouts developed by our team of professional designers. A great design layout gives an exceptional appearance to a website besides making it user-friendly, and interesting.

Clean Coding

We focus on creating clean codes which are simple, uncomplicated, readable, lucid, and incurs a low maintenance cost. Our team invests adequate time and effort on code design and architecture to make it error free and easily understandable.