CMS & Ecommerce

E-commerce is the most popular platform for online shopping and electronic transaction nowadays. It has become effortless and convenient to buy a product online by matching our needs. E-commerce has definitely removed all geographical barriers between a product and a customer or more precisely between a buyer and a seller. Now a seller can reach his customer at any corner of the world if he wants. E-commerce is a matchless arena for any size of business. It’s also obvious that business through E-commerce will fetch more revenue in comparison to the traditional process. At Jaantje Projects Pvt Ltd our team develops user-friendly, mobile compatible and customized E-Commerce websites with less loading time. We are specialized in creating well-organized E-commerce websites that will not only increase your turnover but will also make your business more visible and accessible. We also efficiently develop digital content and have a professional content management team.


Responsive Design

We take a Responsive web design approach for web designing projects. Responsive web design is the most essential practice now a day which ensures the performance of a web page is of same quality in all types of devices and screen sizes.

Modern Design Layout

We have a modern and trendy collection of exclusive design layouts developed by our team of professional designers. A great design layout gives an exceptional appearance to a website besides making it user-friendly, and interesting.

Clean Coding

We focus on creating clean codes which are simple, uncomplicated, readable, lucid, and incurs a low maintenance cost. Our team invests adequate time and effort on code design and architecture to make it error free and easily understandable.