Application Development

Android is the trendiest and in demand operating system for all types of platforms. Android is in use all over the world for not only phones but also for watches, TVs and other devices. But nowadays many good android applications are losing their identity in the vast existence of mobile app collection and are not able to reach their target customers. We assure this will not happen to you. At Jaantje Projects Pvt Ltd, we develop the most customized, sturdy, relevant, easy to use, error-free, and adaptable mobile applications at a reasonable price. Give your customers a happy experience and boost your revenue with our android applications.

App users look for customized, functional, aesthetic, and easy to use mobile applications. At Jaantje Projects Pvt Ltd, we have a rich experience of developing iOS Apps by our expert team of developers and designers. We are the fast learner of latest technologies. We are driven by our creativity, knowledge, and skill. Our developed apps are latest and give flawless, uninterrupted, crash-free user experience. We design mobile applications that meet your requirements in a pocket-friendly way. We have closely worked with many happy customers and have given them 100% satisfaction. Pick us for your next project and experience the best.


We develop unique apps which can compete with other play store apps. Our apps are convincing enough to get downloaded by users.


Customized apps are in great demand. Our apps are more appealing and useful because of its customized features.


Link your app with social media such as Face book, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and let social media users know about the existence of your app.

Modular Design

Our app has unique modular design which can work independently and can perform each individual functions.

Lots of features

Make your app a bundle of features without making it messy. Simple app with features will compel users to download it.


Longer loading time and slow apps can irritate the user. We consider speed as one of the main features of our app.


Responsive Design

We take a Responsive web design approach for web designing projects. Responsive web design is the most essential practice now a day which ensures the performance of a web page is of same quality in all types of devices and screen sizes.

Modern Design Layout

We have a modern and trendy collection of exclusive design layouts developed by our team of professional designers. A great design layout gives an exceptional appearance to a website besides making it user-friendly, and interesting.

Clean Coding

We focus on creating clean codes which are simple, uncomplicated, readable, lucid, and incurs a low maintenance cost. Our team invests adequate time and effort on code design and architecture to make it error free and easily understandable.